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Post Hole Digger Earth Auger Impact and Vibration absorbing Recoil Spring Kit.

£ 25.00

The Horti-Power Impact Absorbing Post Hole Digger

Auger Recoil Spring

Introducing the newest Impact absorbing technology. An impact absorbing Recoil Spring. Fits every standard 20mm shaft auger  - The most common fitting around.

Works in conjunction with the clutch to reduce not only vibration, but eases impact when your auger hits large rocks, tree roots and rubble.

Also gives you a 200mm auger height extension to get even deeper.

Supplied standard with every Augerton Post Hole Digger purchase on our ebay store as standard, our customers began asking for extra impact springs for their old machines and for their workmates. We had to list them on ebay after repeated demand. Most springs only exclusively fit the machine and auger brand they are supplied with - but not the Augerton Impact vibration spring! Its exclusiuvely designed to fit standard 20mm shafts on most popular brands.

Gives you 200mm extra digging depth as a bonus.

If you need a new post hole digger the Augerton 82cc digger package pictured below comes with the unique design 82cc motor, 4 augers, an extension and the impact, ant vibration spring we are adveretising in the listing. A solid tool investment.

Link to full 82cc package below